Cat of the Month

Tiger & Mini Meow are our cats of the month. They are 10 months old in this picture and they enjoy their sleep time cuddled up with each other. They are also quite mischievous and think it is really fun to stalk and pounce on theirĀ 2 older and not so amused cat brothers.

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Fun Cat Facts

  • Every cat's nose pad or nose leather is different--like a human fingerprint. Cats use their noses not only for smelling, but also for detecting temperature changes
  • Cats' eyes are so big that if our eyes were proportionately as big they would be about 8 inches in diameter.
  • Cats are usually considered color-blind
  • Your cat's tail usually tells his mood:
    • Carried high - proud and content
    • Extended straight - he's stalking
    • Thrusting side to side - he may be angry
  • An adult cat can weigh as much as 20 pounds and as little as 5.
  • A cat scratching post is used to satisfy the urge to stretch, clean claws, and marking territory, not for claw sharpening

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