Teach your Cat a Trick

 Shaking Hands   Wave   Sit Up   Come


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Despite popular belief, you can train your cat to perform tricks.  You will get the best results when you offer food rewards such as a morsel of moist cat food or a treat.  Work with one command at a time.  Be consistent and be patient. 


Shaking Hands

With your cat sitting in front of you, touch its paw and say “shake.”  As soon as your cat reacts and lifts his paw, shake it.  Reward your cat with verbal approval along with a treat.  Remember to repeat the
                                                                                command exactly the same way each time.


Hold a treat in from of your cat’s nose but just out of reach, and move it back and forth with your hands in a waving motion while saying “wave.”  As your cat reaches for the food, it will appear as if she is waving.  When you are satisfied with the behavior, praise your cat and give her a reward.


Sit Up

Place your cat on a footstool or other raised area in a sitting position.  Hold a treat over your cat’s head and tell him to “sit up.”  Do not reward your cat for standing or grabbing.  When your cat succeeds, reward with a treat right away and repeat the command several times.



Say your cat’s name followed by the command “come.”  If necessary, tap on her food bowl to gain attention.  When your cat comes, praise her lavishly and reward her.  This is a good trick to try around mealtime, as your cat will eventually associate food with the “come” command.