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Listed below are top-rated products to spoil and indulge your precious kitty.

   Self-Warming Thermal Cat Cushion

This portable alternative to an electric bed puts your cat in control of the thermostat. The internal layer is made of a reflective material that holds the cat's body heat and reflects it back, so cats maintain a comfortable temperature. Perfect to provide warm, soothing comfort to cats and kittens of all ages; and you don't have to worry about it overheating. Cushion is reversible and machine washable for convenience  Measures 19" x 23"

price: $18.99 


  Sheepskin Window Cat Perch icon

This perch fits into any window and assembles without any tools! It is made with resilient polyurethane foam padding and a slip-off, machine washable synthetic sheepskin cover. Installs in minutes. Cover removes easily without removing perch itself. Measures 24"L x 13"W.

price: $21.99



Fountain  Drinkwell Platinum Pet Fountain *only available online

The Drinkwell Platinum pet fountain is the ultimate in style and design. This all new design utilizes the same free-falling stream of water as the original Drinkwell with a new snap on lid to prevent accidental removal, a pre-filter to catch large particles before they reach the motor, and a new submersible pump for nearly silent operation.  Measures 11" x 16" x 10-1/2" high.

price: $69.99


Scratching Post  Deluxe Sisal Scratching Post by Miller's Cats

If your cat shreds ordinary scratching posts, you'll love World Pet's Deluxe Sisal Scratching Post. It's a Douglas Fir post, wrapped in sisal and attached to a sturdy, carpeted base. World Pet's carpet is made entirely from recycled materials so it is "Earth Friendly" as well as being stain and fade resistant. If your cat is hesitant to use it at first, rub some catnip (not included) on it to get him interested. Overall dimensions are 12" x 12" x 20".

price: $29.99


 Blitz TurboScratcher Cat Toy

This cat toy offers a wide range of feline fun in one self-contained unit. The corrugated cardboard scratching surface is irresistible to most cats. Sprinkle a packet of catnip (included) into the hollows of the cardboard to make it even more appealing.Surrounding the scratching surface is a track with a ball that scoots out of reach just when your cat is convinced she's captured it. She'll spend hours scratching and playing with this cat toy while getting great exercise and mental stimulation. Overall size of toy measures 15" in diameter.

price: $9.99


   Soft Claws Nail Caps for Cats

Soft Claws keep your cat's claws from scratching and damaging furniture, curtains, carpets and more. Easy to apply - just trim cat's claws per directions included, then glue (glue included) the tips on.

Soft Claws do not interfere with natural claw extension and retraction. One application will last approximately three months. Kit includes four applications plus detailed instructions.  Choice of colors include: blue, red, natural, pink, or purple.

Choose Soft Claws size based on the weight of your cat in pounds. Each package contains 40 nail caps and two tubes of adhesive.

price: $15.99


 Cat Tunnel Expandable Cat Tunnel

From ultimate games of feline hide 'n seek to a soft, secluded place to rest and sleep, this Expandable Cat Tunnel does it all and more.

price: $22.99


   Personalized Coastal Breakaway Cat Collars by Whisker City®

Beautifully embroidered, individually stiched block letters spell out your pet's name to add a personal touch. Now you can personalize your cat's collar with their name and a phone number! These nylon collars adjust from 8" to 12" and feature a coordinating removable bell. The safety buckle allows your cat to slip free if her collar should get caught. Choose from a variety of colors.

price: $9.99


Cat Carrier  Deluxe Medium Sherpa Bag Pet Carrier

Fashion and function for the pet on the go! This durable red nylon carrier has everything to keep your pet safe and comfortable during travel. Quality features and functions designed for travel on planes, trains, in the car, or on your shoulder, long distance or just around town. This Sherpa bag is the best soft-sided carrier approved for on-board use by most major airlines.

Deluxe Sherpa Bag Features:

This carrier is airline-approved for on-board use by most domestic and international air travel carriers. Check with your airline to ensure that the size and specifications meet their requirements.

price: $39.99 


  Cat Hair Magnet

Your cat will spend hours grooming herself on this arched brush, which is designed to attract and hold loose hair. The carpeted base features a place for you to put catnip (not included) to encourage cat to use the arched brush.

With a 6"W arch opening, there's plenty of room for your cat to pass through again and again. When the brush fills with hair, just vacuum clean. The 14"H arch removes from the 17"L x 14"W base for storing.

price: $18.99


  The Cat Track Cat Toyicon

This is one of our most popular cat toys! A lightweight ball is "trapped" inside an enticing circular track. Curious cats can see the ball from every angle, but just can't seem to "fish" it out. Hours of fun for any cat.

price:  Large( 17 1/2"D )- $7.99  Small(9 3/4"D) - $4.99


  Comfort Zone with Feliway Plug-In and Refillsicon

Feliway uses synthetic feline facial pheromones to end urine marking and scratching and to comfort cats in stressful situations such as being alone in the house, visitors to the home, new pet or family member, moving to a new home, visits to the veterinarian, adjusting to a new environment, or multiple cat households. Feliway mimics a natural comforting facial pheromone produced by cats. Product is odorless and non-toxic, does not affect humans. Not a drug or tranquilizer.

price: $27.99


 Cat DoorAnimate Electromagnetic Cat Door

Offer your cat greater freedom with this electronic 4-way door. Your cat wears a small magnet on her collar, which allows her exclusive in/out access through the door. If other cats or animals try to get in, they're denied access.

Product Specifications:
Door features a transparent flap, 4-way lock and a high-density seal to keep out drafts and rain. The Lexan flap seals to the frame with a pile weather strip, and is held shut with a magnet. In addition to the electronic lock there is a manual 4-way lock that can be set for in only, out only, fully locked, or fully open. These doors are normally used to keep strays out, but can be installed "backwards" so that the door will let only your pets that have collar keys out. When doing this type of installation, it is important to caulk the battery cover to keep water out of the electronics.
Included are two collar magnets and all necessary installation hardware. Suitable for solid doors of any thickness and hollow doors up to 2 ¼" thick. Requires one 9V battery (sold separately).
Dimensions: Overall size of door: 7-5/8" x 9-1/2"   Door opening: 6-5/8" x 8-5/8"   Flap opening: 6" x 6-1/2"

price: $59.99 


 Litter box ScoopFree Automatic Cat Litter Box

Designed by cat loving MIT-trained engineers, ScoopFree™ features breakthrough technology to keep kitty clean and safe. Automatic litter box system uses disposable no-mess litter cartridges (refills sold separately) and comes pre-loaded with FreshStep® brand crystals. You simply replace the cartridge about once a month for each cat. That's it!

The FreshStep brand crystal litter offers unbeatable odor control and absorbs wetness on contact. Just one ScoopFree litter cartridge filled with Fresh Step brand crystal litter lasts as long as 30 lbs. of the leading clay litter.

How it works:

price: $139.99


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