How do you know your cat loves you? Even though he can't say in words there are many signs your cat shows to tell you how he feels about you! Here are some telltale signs your cat loves  you:

The slow blink or "eye kiss"

Your cat won't make eye contact with just anyone. When your cat looks at you slowly closes his eyes and then looks at you again it means he trusts you and considers you a friend. Return their affection by mimicking this behavior.


This is one of the main ways your cat says he loves you.  Kneading is a cat's way of reliving the loving feelings they experienced when they were kittens.


One of your cat's unique characteristics is purring and is sign they are happy and content. Cats only purr for their own kittens and very special humans (not other cats).

Head butting

To humans this isn't consider a sign of a love, but for cats it is. When a cat butts its head against you they are leaving pheromones behind and marking you as theirs.

Brings you Presents

This might be your least favorite sign your cat loves you but just remember those dead rodents and birds are a sign of affection.

Flashes Belly

Like other animals a cat doesn't show their belly to just anyone. Their tummy is a vulnerable spot for a cat. Flashing this area to you means they trust you and feel safe around you.

Grooms You

Cats often groom other cats who they consider a friend.  If you find that your cat is often licking or arm or even hair (I had a cat who used to do this) consider yourself loved.

Tail Movement

A cat's tail can tell you a lot about how they are feeling. If his tail is lightly brushing against you or winding around you, it indicates approval and possession. A tail held straight up with a curve at the top also indicates happiness or approval.

For more info about the meaning of your cat's tail movements visit our Common Cat Behaviors page. 

Nipping or "love bites"

Gently nipping your finger is another way your cat may show affection.  These love bites may also be seen when a cat interacts with other cats. You should be able to tell this sign from an actually bite that may hurt you and should tickle more than feel painful.

Follows you Around

- If you have ever found yourself tripping over your cat and unable to walk consider it a sign of love! If your cat follows you from room to room, jumps onto tables and counters to be near you, and always seems to be under foot, he clearly enjoys your company.

signs cat loves you